Uses for Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur's most common use has been well documented as a food supplement. Many people are thrilled for its ability to suport their bodies to naturally heal themselves, and often reduce pain and inflamation.

Coming soon!

We thought we'd share some other interesting things it's been used for. As time allows, we want to tell you a little more about using it externally in different ways:

* MSM Lotion or Skin Cream - you can make it yourself by adding Organic Sulfur to your favorite lotion or cream
* By dissolving Organic Sulfur / MSM in a spray bottle full of water, you can spray it on your skin and on your face regularly for a soft healthy glow!

Also for your pets: It can be used similarly (in a spray bottle). Spraying it on a pets skin not only helps to heal difficult skin problems, it has had the unexpected benefit of repelling insects, like fleas!

Taken internally, we've heard that it can bring new energy to some older dogs. Aparently, people added it to their dogs' water or food. It appears to help them as much as it helps their owners! We'll fill in more details as time permits (and as people write and ask us : )