Uses for Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur's most common use has been well documented as a food supplement. Many people are thrilled for its ability to suport their bodies to naturally heal themselves, and often reduce pain and inflamation, among other benefits.

Share your Experiences and Ideas!

We thought we'd share some other interesting things it's been used for, as well as being many people's favorite supplement. If you have any new and interesting ways that you use Organic Sulfur, please let us know. Occasionally, we will add your ideas to this page. Here are some ways that people use Organic Sulfur externally:

* Improve most any Lotion or Skin Cream - you can do it yourself by adding Organic Sulfur to your favorite lotion or cream. We recommend using about 10% by weight of your lotion. You'll have to stir it, wait an hour or longer, stir again, and repeat until you feel no more grittiness (undissolved Organic Sulfur).

Some lotions are able to dissolve more than 10%. In fact an Alba Botanica lotion we really like would easily work with 12 to 15 percent by weight. How do you know when you've added too much? It begins to feel gritty as you rub the lotion into your skin.If it begins to feel gritty, that's because the water in the lotion is absorbed (or evaporates) faster than the Organic Sulfur is able to be absorbed. An easy fix is to just add a little more lotion to the mix, todilute the Organic Sulfur. A little experimentation will help you get it just right for your favorite lotion.

* By dissolving Organic Sulfur in a spray bottle full of water, you can spray it on your skin and on your face regularly for a soft healthy glow! Some mix it into colliodal silver instead of regular water, so it's also antibacterial.

* Also for your pets: It can be used similarly (in a spray bottle). Depending on the size of the bottle, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the Organic Sulfur. As long as it dissolves in the water, you haven't added too much.

Spraying it on a pets skin not only helps to heal difficult skin problems, it has had the unexpected benefit of repelling some insects, and fleas! Some of our customers keep a spray bottle near the door to help them keep their dogs naturally protected. In some geographical areas it works better than others, but we've heard plenty of good reports. Especially when the pets are given a few quick squirts on their way out and back in, to cover more area.

* We've used it this way very successfully over the last 2 years with our cat! Every day, before he gets to go outside, he gets sprayed down with the sulfur water (about a tablespoon per 8 ounces of water). I can't say he likes it, but he has gotten used to it. The main thing is to stay calm, and keep him calm, so he knows it's just part of the routine. It would be interesting to know how many cats would go along with this : )

Of course, we're really happy that it's not only free of bad chemicals, it's actually very good for him (and inexpensive). As an added benefit, he will often lick a bunch of it off, while sitting out in the sun!

For his benefit, we do it all at once, once a day instead of a few suqirts several times a day (which dogs don't seem to mind at all). The first few sprays go into our hand that then gets spread on his head and neck - one spray, one stroke on his head. Then the sprays go down both sides, front, back, and we try to cover most of his body. We don't try to soak him thoroughly. That's not necessary. Just trying to get it on most of his body.

He's amazingly OK with this once we get started, because he knows it means he gets to go outside, and then come in and out for the rest of the day. We're in a part of the country that has lots of fleas. He's combed regularly, checking for them, and we've only ever found about one flea per a year! Will it work for you? We can't say. That would take some research... but it's worth a try!

* Taken internally, people have told us that it can bring new energy to older dogs, especially if they've got arthritis, or other pain issues. It doesn't make a dramatic difference for every dog, but for many it has. You can add it to your dog's water or food. About half of them prefer the taste of water with sulfur to plain water. It appears to benefit them as much as it helps their owners! Ususally a half teaspoon in a water bowl is a good start for a mdeium sized dog. Thankfully, there's no bad effect from getting too much (one friend's dog shredded a bag of the sulfur and ate half of it! He called me very nervous "Is my dog going to die?!" I said no, he knows what's good for him. You won't likely notice a diference... Unless he's an older dog, in which case he'll probably feel better. It turns out that he didn't notice a difference, his dog is fine... and his owner is even more enthusiastic about our sulfur!

We'll continue to add more as time permits (and as people write : )